History of palmitoylethanolamide

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of palmitoylethanolamide have been known for decades but they were initially poorly understood. During the 1990s Italian Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini caused renewed worldwide attention among researchers when she showed for the first time that palmitoylethanolamide may control overactive inflammatory cells in many diseases. This insight was the engine behind the clinical revival of palmitoylethanolamide over the past decades.

Renewed research led to a number of clinical trials which clarified the value and the safety of palmitoylethanolamide as a treatment modality in chronic pain care. Many of the early publications and clinical research reports on palmitoylethanolamide were published in Italian. This, as well as the complex biology, explains why it stayed under the medical radar for years. Today there is a solid and growing Anglophone and international research base.

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